Insta-Snap® Hairpiece

Jeanie Hair Insta-Snap®Clip-ins are a unique and newly patented hair styling technology provided for adding beautiful length and volume to short, thinning hair. They are sourced from the very best quality of 100% real, cuticle aligned Virgin Remy human hair that can be washed, dyed and heat styled without damage. Jeanie Hair Insta-Snap® are available in lengths 16, 18, 20 and 22 inches, and a variety of colors and textures for your selection. Engineered for comfort and convenience, this revolutionary hair product is guaranteed to please! It has all the right attributes to deliver desirably natural results, promotes healthy hair and scalp, offers convenience and help save on the costs associated with having hair styled by experts. Installation is effortless and easy, and the results are phenomenal! Part, snap and blend, with instantly more hair that’s on trend! Make Jeanie Hair Insta-Snap® your Must-Have today!


We offer custom color services for our uniquely designed Jeanie Hair Insta-Snap® Clip-ins. View our color chart and find more info by viewing each Insta-Snap page below!